She woke up at 5:30am on a bright, sunny day. It had been like this for a week now. While giving energy to some, this scorching sun drained hers. She made some rice for the kids’ lunchboxes. She had to drop them off at the school bus stop. Frantically, she kept wondering whether they will be able to attend school from next year. The kids who ate ice cream in a minute took an hour just to drink milk. Perhaps their minds do not work early in the morning that they lose sense of time. She remembered her childhood days when milk was considered a luxury. It still was for her but not for her children. It was good for their health so she had to buy it. After dropping them off at the bus stop, much to the conductor’s dismay who glared at her for being late as per the routine, she headed off to the grocery store at about 7:00am. With no fridge in the house, she could not hold more than a day’s worth of vegetables in this hot climate. After picking up the essentials, she rushed home to find that she had forgotten to pay the electricity bill and there wasn’t any light in the house. However great her memory was, it was a given that she forgot to pay the bills. It was almost as if she was waiting for a miracle to happen that if she did not pay until the last date, someone else just might do it for her. This never happened. It might soon, depending on her luck and how well she worked her charm. She made a mental note to pay it before the kids came home. After washing her face, she got ready for work. She drank a cup of water and headed out to earn for the day.

She entered his house. It was a large, beautiful house with every room having different wall colors. There were three rooms. It was a large family after all. He was one among them. She found herself dreaming about sleeping in one of those soft beds. One time she had sat on one for one whole minute when everyone else were in the kitchen. It was heavenly. She knew it could never be reality. She had a whole lot of baggage. He was fresh. She assumed he would never accept her but regardless she dreamed. She believed in the philosophy that dreaming was the first step to success.

“After you are done mopping, take these carpets and put them out to dry. This hot sun will dry it off quickly. Don’t forget that you will be getting your salary today.”

She sighed. They kept forcing new things on her every day. She had never agreed to all this four years ago. But they were a rich family. If she was unwilling to do these things, they will easily find another one to replace her. They had even threatened to do that a couple of times. She began to rush the mopping process. She cannot be late for the other house. If she missed joining them at their breakfast time, she will not get her first meal of the day.

If someday he sees her inner beauty and accepts her, she will be on the other side of the realm.


-Maya 🙂

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