Hi Everyone! We, the Elephanatics, a.k.a. Maya and Diana, are two best friends from Canada, who decided to share our craziness with the world. We have been best friends for 10 years, of which half those years, we’ve spent trying to start this blog. We were both born in South Asia, but raised in Canada for most of our lives! We hope that this helps you understand better about where we derive our opinions and thoughts, and how our upbringing in different environments has shaped our values and beliefs.

Let us introduce ourselves in a bit more detail:


I am a recent graduate trying to find her place in this wonderfully insane world. I love food, binge watching TV shows, and daydreaming about impossible possibilities. I enjoy spontaneous adventures, deep conversations over coffee, and going for evening walks during the summertime.  I hope to fuel my creativity through this blog, which has always come second when it came to school and all other aspects of my life.


I am the better half of Diana. Just kidding, we are just two single, best friends who sometimes act like a married couple. 😀 What are some important things you should know about me? Well, I am in my twenty’s and exploring life as it flashes by. I am a strict vegetarian and also a foodie. I love noodles and chocolate (specifically Cadbury’s Dairy Milk; if you ever want to mail me some). I love all the mainstream things such as road trips, rain, coffee (this includes anything that is coffee flavoured), fast food, watching TV shows/movies, sitting by the lake, and talking (a lot!).

Oh, did I already mention that I like coffee? 😀

Jokes apart…Both our characteristics, life decisions and basically our whole personality has been sculpted by the events that have occurred in our lives. Our “moulded” souls have witnessed enough for a lifetime. However keeping our optimism as intact as it should ever be, we will write or share content hoping to instill some positivism and happiness into your lives or sometimes to provoke your thoughts.

Together, we sincerely wish for you to join us in this journey of analyzing life through different lenses. Thank you!

Yours truly,

The Elephanatics! 🙂


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