Almond milk – The base that helps blend all the wonderful fruits, veggies, and other toppings in the smoothie. Just like almond milk, in life we need to have a strong foundation of good values. These values help in building a fulfilling lifestyle by taking in all the good and the bad we face every day,  and turning each experience into a tasteful journey.

Spinach – This is a healthy smoothie, so we do need to add some greens in there (you can choose to add any type of vegetable such kale or collard). Although we are adding the greens in the smoothie, we should avoid the bad greens such as envy and greed in our lives, and embrace a balanced lifestyle of love and gratitude.

Mixed berries – Not only are berries super healthy for you, they add sweetness and colour to the smoothie.  Society may try to set expectations that may seem black and white, but we know how grey those expectations are, so make your life as vibrant as possible.  Do not be afraid to live a colourful life, because in the end, everyone admires a rainbow after a storm.

Banana – Not only do they make the smoothie more sweet, but they give a creamy texture to the smoothie.  Bananas are known as a super fruit for reasons ranging from waking you up in the morning to helping with depression. Having someone to share your thoughts, worries, and memories is also important for a long and happy life. Whether that person is a friend, a family member, a romantic partner, or even a blogger you met online, letting someone be a part of your life makes it more fuller and enjoyable.

Finally, you can add any topping of your choice:

Nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon, cocoa powder, orange juice, etc – You may choose to add these to give your smoothie additional flavour. One of my favourite sayings is, in life we need a hobby to make money, a hobby  to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. We should find ways to make our everyday life a little bit more inspiring. You can start a blog, take up photography, start reading more, go for a walk, volunteer, or learn a new recipe.  Add something to your routine which makes you smile, for that smile will reflect upon those around you as well.

I did not put measurements for these ingredients, because each of us is unique. Please add in the amounts which make the smoothie just right for you. This goes for life as well, embrace your individuality, find the good in everyone and everything; blend life into your liking and drink up all the goodness.


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