“Heyy! What are you up to?”

“Hmm. Yeah, I am doing well. Why wouldn’t I be after today?!”

She starts grinning and giggling out of shyness.

“Shhh. Some secrets should not be revealed. There is more where that came from!” She blinks her eyes out of naughtiness.

“Yes, of course, the ice cream was amazing.”

“Oh my goodness. Stop! Someone will hear me.” She giggles again now with a blush.

“I love carnations and hibiscus.”

“What time shall we have our business meeting next Saturday?” She motions a pair of quotations with her index and middle fingers when saying ‘business.’

“Haha, you are just too cute. I can’t believe it’s been 4 months already.”

“No way, you were just as poised as Andrew, if not more! It takes so much effort and responsibility to put on such a great presentation.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself. I know your potential.”

After a long gap, she states, “You are right. We need to make plans. Somehow this has to work out.”

I stare at the wretched lady who once blew me away. The same, young girl who I had to hug me before leaving her. The same, young woman whose touch was mesmerizing and had all the healing powers in the world. The woman that I admired and looked upon as my idol. I wonder what changed.

The truth in her words and the love for the other was drowning me in misery. Humans can’t breathe underwater. She had never spoken to me with such tenderness and affection. I don’t know whether to be disgusted by her naughtiness towards this other man or amused that she has so much love and lust inside her which she never revealed to me. Or better yet, happy that she found someone to truly express herself to?

I wonder what I did wrong. She kept saying I was the best husband in the world. It’s unfortunate that I can’t say the same about her.


By Maya 🙂

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