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A Longing for Belonging

A longing for belonging

Deafening loneliness

Blinding daydreams

Lips cracking of silence

Ears melting from stillness


A thirst for love

The need for intimacy

Pure bodies staying pure

Heart beating for that magical touch

Heavens shower upon me your greatest soul

For friendship, love or an amalgam


By Maya 🙂

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

“If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade”

Although the origins are unclear, it is widely believed that Dale Carnegie popularized this proverbial phrase in his book, Stop Worrying and Start Living.

Another way to look at it is that, while this phrase was meant to instill a positive attitude in people by teaching them to make the best of a “bitter” situation (pun intended! 😀 )

When life gives you lemons, you can’t always make lemonade. Often times, those lemons are rotten, hard, too sour or lack juice. Then, what do we do?

Life is a lot like this. You are often stuck with useless lemons for a long time, but eventually those lemons will dry up and you have to throw them away. Many times we get opportunities knocking on our door; however they are either never really the way we wanted them or the time is not right to take advantage of these opportunities. What I mean is that, sometimes, we get lemons, then we come up with a  great idea to use those lemons, but unfortunately, it is never the way you assumed it will be, so you are stuck with just lemons in the end. Irony of life.

Now, at this point, you take those lemons and use it to shine and polish your dishes. Hence, you are in turn making the best of the situation. You have to find ways to shine and polish your life, despite being stuck with those horrid lemons.

While I may sound pessimistic here, I am actually not. These types of circumstances do come and go in everyone’s lives. This is when you have the opportunity to receive more lemons that you can actually make lemonade out of.

Just a thought for the day…


By Maya 🙂

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What’s Mine is Mine!

I don’t like sharing food. Yes, I am that person who prays to the heavens people will refuse me when I offer them anything.  Now, before you all start with all that judgment, hear me when I say that I would do anything, so that every single person on this planet can have a proper meal every day. I understand how lucky I am to be able to run downstairs to the kitchen, and have a snack before dinner or just binge eat some chocolate while watching TV.

When I say I don’t like sharing food, I am specifically talking about those moments where you’re about to take a bite into that mouth watering piece of chocolate cake, and someone makes a comment along the lines of “oh wow, that looks delicious.”


Like honestly, now with the fork midway to my mouth,  I have to make that heart wrenching move of putting the piece of cake down, and ask my dear co-worker if she would like some. I do it because my mother raised me right, but you have no idea how much it hurts. I have always disliked this part about myself, especially when I see my friends so willing to share their snacks at school, and even more when my mom can easily say no to dessert, so I that I may have it.

As I ask that unbelievably difficult question, my mind is screaming to the beings above, that if they exist, they will use their power to ensure that Linda’s next words are a solid “No, thank you!”

Sometimes, it works out in my favour, and I go back to my hot and sexy date with my cake, but most times, I am forced to commit the horrible crime of dividing my food in half. Now psychologically, I am forced to think this piece of cake is not enough for me, therefore making the horrible decision to eat something else. After all of the eating is done, I sit there with regret, as I realize how many unhealthy calories have been consumed in the past 5 minutes, all because of my friend Linda.

So, yes I don’t like sharing food, but I do it anyways, because I am a good person, although my feelings towards Linda may say something else (I actually don’t know anyone named Linda btw, but you guys get the point right?!) Additionally, to keep justifying myself, I like to point out that I never ask someone else for their food, only if they offer, and even then I say no, so in your face, my guilty conscience!

In conclusion, every person has one or two things they don’t like sharing, mine just happens to be a basic necessity to human existence. If anyone would like to ever share in my constant cycle of going from a happy, motivated individual, to the depressed and socially anxious devil’s child, I am more than willing to give you a taste! Until next time…


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Cabs, cabbies and their cartoons!

In association to my article, “Heartfelt Confessions of a Cabbie,” these are some funny cartoons I found on Google Images related to cabs and cabbies 😀 Have a chuckle!

London cab sign: 'Thank you for not asking to go across the river.''Where does he think he is - Wall Street?'Taxi driver says to long-suffering passenger: 'If times get any harder, I'll have to start charging for my witty and perceptive opinions on various topical issues of the day.''I've lost control. I can't stop.' -' For goodness sake, turn the meter off.''Why do taxi drivers go bankrupt?' - 'Because they drive their customers away.'


– Maya 🙂

Heartfelt Confessions of a Cabbie

Often a simple heartfelt conversation with a complete stranger can be so enlightening and refreshing in times of distress.

After a long exhausting day, I finally got a hold of a cab to go back home in the evening. Our conversation with the cabbie was first initiated by himself who started to complain about the traffic. He went on to confess or rather complain that majority of his customers did not know the local language, Kannada, and as such it was becoming highly difficult for him to communicate with them. With numerous one-way streets and blocked roads, in addition to the communication gap, he had had a rough time finding many of his clients that day.

As I realized that he was very cordial and open to a conversation, I was quite curious to know about him and his background. I had always wondered what type of circumstances would lead someone to be a cab driver and how they receive their earnings.

Here is what I found out about him:

He is the single child and currently the sole breadwinner in the family. With a Bachelor of Arts degree studied in Kannada, he did not know English. His father had been an alcoholic during his childhood days while his mother worked as a maid. The rule in his family was that if he earned, he would have to share his earnings with his father for drinks or else he could not work. If he was interested in getting any education, he would have to earn it himself. I found this concept derived from Western countries where many students are expected to fund their own post graduate education. Whereas, a common situation in India is that parents feel an obligation to support their children for throughout their education. He worked as a truck driver throughout his undergrad, and hence had gained experience driving. He came to Bangalore in search of a job. After two years of working as cab driver for a car owner, he had finally managed to buy his own car, which he realized would earn him more profits. He was distressed that due to the increasing number of cab drivers in the city and lower commission rates from the taxi companies, his earnings had significantly decreased. However, he will continue to drive for a few more years until his parents decide to get him married. As his parents still resided in his native place in the northern part of the state, he wanted to go back in a couple of years to settle down and become a farmer. I asked him what happens if he gets bored of driving. To this, he passed a strong message: “What else can I do Madam? I need the money. If I had a brother or sister, I would definitely fund their education. So right now, I am trying to help my friend, who is amazing at playing cricket, get into a state training program. I have worked very hard to come to this stage. It is all paying off now. I even bought myself a bike recently. Now, my friends are coming to me to ask for loans. There was a time when I used to stand before them asking for money. I have gotten selected in round one for a driver position for the government. If I pass the written test also, I will have a permanent, reputable job in my hand. What more can I ask for my qualifications and background?” These words did not show the slightest hint of boasting. He seemed very proud of himself and believe it or not, I felt it too.

Throughout the journey, he kept on apologizing for talking too much and confessing too many of his feelings. Since it was very rare to get customers who speak Kannada, he was immensely excited to be speaking to me. There is a Kannada proverb that translates roughly as: “What the patient wants is also what the doctor prescribes.” This was quite related to my situation; I was also in dire need of a unique conversation and the poor man was also in search of a local person he can converse with fluently and openly. A complete win-win situation! So, I insisted we keep on talking; after all, after these 20 minutes or so, we would once again be on our own paths. To this, he gave a big, wide smile and prompt reply as such: “I know Madam, but when I have such a nice conversation going on, I feel like why can there not be more traffic or something else to extend our time together by at least 5 minutes” Mind you, this was a stranger speaking. We were both probably flattered to the same extent.

When we finally reached home, I asked this stranger-turned-friend for his name and wished him luck in all his future endeavors. I wish I had taken a picture of this gentleman!



By Maya 🙂

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Excerpt from the Diary of a Daydreamer

I am a daydreamer. I have used my imagination to escape from the painful, boring, and lonely reality. Where I wander off to depends on what book I’m reading, or what TV show I’m starring in at that moment. This morning, my mind is writing a story of a girl who is running from a bitter past; she has finally found a place where she is accepted and loved unconditionally. Most of my daydreams are of a life that probably will never happen, but it has never stopped me from dreaming.

The girl I’ve created in my head is the person I aspire to become in real life. Her strength lies in being able to adapt to change and making the people she meets her best friend. Of course, she is totally fit and absolutely stunning as well. Most of the stories revolve around her leaving a miserable life behind to unexpectedly find her heart’s deepest desires come true. I have used similar plot lines to comfort myself in times of utter hopelessness. I used to think as I grew up, I will start forgetting this impracticable, yet passionate world in my head; however, as I sit here writing, I find myself effortlessly switching between my computer screen and the story of her.

When I find myself in uncomfortable situations, I would think “how would she handle this?.” At numerous times, this has helped me overcome my fears and face my problems head on. Once in a while, the girl in my head becomes my weakness. Because I have made her life so perfect, whatever problems arises, either they are easily solved or someone in her life takes care of it for her. In reality, it is I who must find resolutions and conquer my fears; having this alternate life in my head causes more distress and awkwardness at such times.

I like to conclude by emphasizing that I am not crazy (at least I hope I’m not). I think we all have our own escape routes, whether its in books, movies, or combination of both entertaining our minds from often somber realities.


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No Two are Alike

Two brothers from the same womb, yet so different

Two rocks from the same mountain, yet so different

Two snowflakes from the same snow shower, yet so different

Two leaves from the same tree, yet so different

Differences from similarities

How can it be?

The wonders of nature

Forever provoking our thoughts

To compare is to judge

To judge is to misunderstand

To misunderstand is to fail

To understand that no two are alike


By Maya 🙂

To leave you with a final thought:

no two alike.jpg

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Food, Food, and more Food!


Food is defined by Google as something that we, as people, absorb solely for the purpose of maintaining life and growth. In reality, for many, like me, food is so much more than that. Food is something that is desired, craved, and dreamed upon. Every meal time is really a blessing. It is a time to satisfy yourself. It is an opportunity to consume some nutrients that makes you the person you are. Eat bananas…be happy! Eat cucumbers…glow like the sun! Eat carrots…see better!

Our lifestyle, moods and behaviors depend so much on food. So it is highly important to maintain a proper diet with balanced consumption of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, small quantity-frequent meals, and lots of fluids (according to your health conditions, of course). Take care of yourself, there is reason for you to be born in this world at this particular time.

We, the Elephanatics, are both vegetarians and we love our food like nothing else. There is so much you can do with those multicolored organisms we call vegetables. (Reply if you are in the mood for any good vegetarian recipes!) So many different religions, ethnic groups, cultures, and traditions in this world, each one of them with their own thousand unique recipes! One life is not enough to devour these foods 😀

My favourite food is noodles (this might be a tad bit obvious from the featured image 🙂 ) What’s yours?

Let us take a moment to remember those who do not have a meal three times a day or anytime of the day for that matter. Everyone wishes to experience this touch of magic that even the slightest thought of food contains. So I have just one request: When you have the opportunity, please strive to go out of your way to fill someone’s day with good food. All the best and thank you in advance!

When opportunity knocked on my door:

Yesterday, I saw a small puppy that appeared to be starving. It came towards us wagging its tail in hopes of receiving something to eat. It looked so tiny and vulnerable. With emotions running inside me, I ran to a nearby restaurant, bought food and put it out for the poor thing. Surprisingly, all its tiny brothers and sisters ran to join it for the meal.

Here is the family:


Have a wonderful day, afternoon, or night, depending on which part of the world you are reading this from!

Dream on!



By Maya 🙂

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It’s all about perspective.

How lucky is he? He gets to stay out of this scorching sun all day.  He gets to sit in this big object that comes in so many colors. I just have to watch him go farther and farther away from me as he shows me his big head, squinting eyes and what I think is a smile on his face. He gets to see the world. He also has this other creature that takes care of him and seems to like him so much. He plays with him. He gives him food at all the right times when I am hungry whereas, I, have to go searching for food. Sometimes all I find is some rice on the road. This one human puts it for me on odd days. But it’s just bland. I have tasted his food once and it’s incredible! If I find something to eat today, that is only when I become lucky.


I know my fate. I will forever be trapped in this house. I love my best friend, but even I have dreams. I want to meet others. I want to wander. It is not always my wish to be dragged wherever he goes. I want to see the stars in the sky every day. It feels so nice to go looking for food. You probably get to eat all different types of food. I never get to eat what my best friend eats. He gives me almost the same thing every day for a whole month. I am so bored of it.

I often have to sit inside this car. It makes me all jittery as I have to have a tight grip. There is nothing to secure me into place like the one my best friend has. The only exciting part is putting my head out into the wind. It almost feels as if I am as free as the others. How lucky are they?


Can you guess whose perspective this mini tale was written in?!

By Maya 🙂

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