I am a daydreamer. I have used my imagination to escape from the painful, boring, and lonely reality. Where I wander off to depends on what book I’m reading, or what TV show I’m starring in at that moment. This morning, my mind is writing a story of a girl who is running from a bitter past; she has finally found a place where she is accepted and loved unconditionally. Most of my daydreams are of a life that probably will never happen, but it has never stopped me from dreaming.

The girl I’ve created in my head is the person I aspire to become in real life. Her strength lies in being able to adapt to change and making the people she meets her best friend. Of course, she is totally fit and absolutely stunning as well. Most of the stories revolve around her leaving a miserable life behind to unexpectedly find her heart’s deepest desires come true. I have used similar plot lines to comfort myself in times of utter hopelessness. I used to think as I grew up, I will start forgetting this impracticable, yet passionate world in my head; however, as I sit here writing, I find myself effortlessly switching between my computer screen and the story of her.

When I find myself in uncomfortable situations, I would think “how would she handle this?.” At numerous times, this has helped me overcome my fears and face my problems head on. Once in a while, the girl in my head becomes my weakness. Because I have made her life so perfect, whatever problems arises, either they are easily solved or someone in her life takes care of it for her. In reality, it is I who must find resolutions and conquer my fears; having this alternate life in my head causes more distress and awkwardness at such times.

I like to conclude by emphasizing that I am not crazy (at least I hope I’m not). I think we all have our own escape routes, whether its in books, movies, or combination of both entertaining our minds from often somber realities.


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