How lucky is he? He gets to stay out of this scorching sun all day.  He gets to sit in this big object that comes in so many colors. I just have to watch him go farther and farther away from me as he shows me his big head, squinting eyes and what I think is a smile on his face. He gets to see the world. He also has this other creature that takes care of him and seems to like him so much. He plays with him. He gives him food at all the right times when I am hungry whereas, I, have to go searching for food. Sometimes all I find is some rice on the road. This one human puts it for me on odd days. But it’s just bland. I have tasted his food once and it’s incredible! If I find something to eat today, that is only when I become lucky.


I know my fate. I will forever be trapped in this house. I love my best friend, but even I have dreams. I want to meet others. I want to wander. It is not always my wish to be dragged wherever he goes. I want to see the stars in the sky every day. It feels so nice to go looking for food. You probably get to eat all different types of food. I never get to eat what my best friend eats. He gives me almost the same thing every day for a whole month. I am so bored of it.

I often have to sit inside this car. It makes me all jittery as I have to have a tight grip. There is nothing to secure me into place like the one my best friend has. The only exciting part is putting my head out into the wind. It almost feels as if I am as free as the others. How lucky are they?


Can you guess whose perspective this mini tale was written in?!

By Maya 🙂

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