As the new year begins, all of our favourite TV shows finally return to entertain us! Below is a list of what of I’m currently watching and one aspect I enjoy about each show:

  1. Sherlock – no need for explanations, one of the best shows on TV. Great mysteries with even greater characters.
  2. Lucifer – totally love the sarcastic and clever dialogues of Lucifer. A mix of witty writing with your typical procedural drama, makes for a fun and lighthearted show.
  3. Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow – superheros.
  4. Timeless – As a big fan of Doctor Who, this eases the pain of waiting for its return this year.
  5. Blindspot – interesting storyline.
  6. How To Get Away With Murder – the whodunnit is always intriguing.
  7. Once Upon A Time – ummm fairytales coming to life with crazy twists?! Oh yes, definitely my kind of show, although I still have to catch up on a couple of seasons.

On my soon-to-binge list are Jane the Virgin, Narcos, The Crown, The Fall, and Westworld.

Some shows I recommend that are on hiatus or have to an end or I need to catch up on:

Broadchurch, Stranger Things, Doctor Who, The Blacklist, Game of Thrones and many more that my mind refuses to remember at the moment.

Just a quick intro to this year through the world of television. Let me know what shows you’re hooked on, and I will add them to my ever-growing watch list! I hope we all conquer some fears and make this year wonderfully ours!


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