Tis’ the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la laa, la la la laa!

It truly is the season to be jolly, thankful, grateful, happy, romantic, and whatever you want to be! It is the season of giving and also the season of getting for many! What a wonderful and magical season! There is so much festive spirit everywhere and everyone’s hopes are high in anticipation of a new year that has the potential to turn their lives around. Some are lucky to see snow while others simply enjoy the sunshine. Some spend this time with families while some take this time to find themselves. While everyone may not celebrate Christmas, the season has a magical essence to it that almost anyone can fall in love with. Whether it is due to the massive amount of smiles they receive from happy people or the colorful décor everywhere.

Last year around this time, my best friend and I were searching vigorously for a meaningful and memorable activity to do, something that would contribute to the community as well as be out of the scope of our daily lives. We arrived at the marvelous idea of donating blood.

We decided to do it on the last day of the year so as to close the year with a memory while also setting a solid foundation for the many more good deeds to be done.

My biggest fear and weakness is blood. Yes, that’s right, blood. I will faint at the sight of it. So how exactly can I donate blood?  That was exactly my doubt. For the sake of things bigger than me, I had to do this. For myself, and for the society.

So on December 31, 2015, with great courage, we headed to the blood donation centre. After a long process and almost evicted by marginally meeting the weight/height criteria, I conquered my fears. I donated my blood that would eventually be used for 3 people in need of blood.

Often it’s the passion behind something that drives you and motivates you to climb great heights. Nothing can be truly achieved if there is no determination or hope behind it. Once you have that passion, the inner fuel suddenly ignites. Adrenaline is pumped even harder and it almost seems as if nothing in the world can stop you from accomplishing your goal.

It is also very hard to find that passion for many people. People travel miles (metaphorically) in search of their passion and purpose in life. Some find it very early on life.

While I digressed from my blood donation accomplishment, I would like to get back to it just to remind people to please do something nice…At least in this holiday season. This is the time when people get really hopeful. Maybe you are the one to make their day. And if you are up for it,  go and donate blood!

Tips from a novice donor (a.k.a me 🙂 ):

  • Make sure to check if you are eligible to donate. (You can do this by checking a centre’s website)
  • While donating blood, make sure the nurse uses a new syringe (always my fear)
  • If you are almost passing out, it helps to take deep breaths.
  • It won’t be so bad. If a nervous freak who faints at the sight of blood can do it, so can you!


P.S. I found this on the internet. It’s a meaningful idea for 2017 that I thought I should share with you all!


Season’s Greetings!!!

By Maya 🙂

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