This is a rhythmic creation that I composed for my best friend on her birthday:

8 years and still counting…

A friend lies close to my heart

We are never apart

We gossip with each other

She is my sister from another mother

We love to recollect memories

And we could do it for centuries

She loves to laugh

So she wants to be a UN staff

She is extremely weird

But she is never feared

She has people living in her head

One might even be named Fred

Noodles is her favorite food

Because she is my dude

We both love Arnav

But he is married…darn-av!

We used to dance in the summer

But I think it made us dumber

Bike riding was fun

When she tied her hair in a bun

Her mom is super cool

Her roti makes me drool

Her house is filled with cousins

Probably many dozens

All in all, this girl is immensely sweet

To be around her is such a treat

Her awkwardness is a delight

She makes my day bright

So this unique girl is my best friend

8 years and still counting…

P.S. It is now 10 years and still counting… 🙂



By Maya 🙂

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