“I hate small talk. I want to talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, music that makes you feel different, memories, the lies you’ve told, your flaws, your favourite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurities and fears. I like people with depth, who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.”

– Breagha Young

“Never apologize for being flawlessly weird, and dear God stay that way. We already have too many stiff necks and starched collars pretending they have meaning and walking around above it all. that you, darling, are a breath of fresh air in a world that needs a little more oxygen from our forest of oddities.”

– Sam Rhiley

“She had always suffered from a vague restlessness, a longing for adventure that she told herself severely was the result of reading too many novels when she was a small child.”

– Robin McKinley