In the recent few days, due to cyclone Vardah hitting Chennai, it has been constantly raining in South India. While I sat in the balcony of my home, filling out a job application with melodic music playing in the background, I started to reminisce about my life so far. Beautiful memories and thoughts appeared in my mind. Thoughts about the future…often scary, sometimes too imaginative. You can’t blame me… It was such lovely, romantic weather. It allows one to be in the moment. The smell of rain is so pleasingly intoxicating. People say that sunshine gives you the most energy (as well as Vitamin D) but rain creates an aura of such serenity and yet there is so much action happening in the clouds. That is the energy that charges me.

Actually, I am never the person to go on walks. In fact, I dislike them very much. I have never understood why. It simply seems like a boring task just to stroll around without a purpose. I realize now that that is the purpose. With the right people, the right conversation or the right mood (like now), I had an epiphany that this might be my calling! 😀  So, with a hundred things left to do, I decided to leave everything and go explore the world. When my mother heard this, she found this to be a great opportunity to send me grocery shopping. How delightful! At this point, I just had to be outside in this mystical weather, so I would have done anything to get out. I put on my scarf and walked out dressed as an elderly person.

Being a person who loves to observe others, this walk was truly a refreshing experience. When I could not contain my happiness, I started singing songs to myself as I walked. God only knows how many people thought there was something wrong with me!

In India, almost everyone’s eyes are on everyone else. The amount of second glances a person gets is unbelievable! Sometimes, its hard to decipher what they actually mean. Do I look that attractive dressed as an old lady or is it just because I am a girl? Often, there are moments when you feel really paranoid as you stand in one place and there are a pair of eyes constantly staring at you. What are their intentions?

In such a busy city, you can expect traffic and people at any hour of the day except after 11pm when it looks like a haunted city. I went strolling through a busy commercial street that was full of vegetable vendors, snack shops, restaurants, small clothing stores and grocery stores. One thing that I observed is that people usually move around in groups. It is very rare to see someone walking or shopping alone. One reason could be the fact that Indians live in a collectivist society. There is an innate need for the other.

After all this profound thinking, I eventually bought a few of the things on my mother’s list and slowly walked home as the sun set. Sometimes all it takes is that one exact thing or that one perfect person to cleanse your mind and body.


By Maya 🙂

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