Another blast from the past! I found this poem that I wrote when I was 13 years old.  It makes me wonder why my thoughts were so deep at that age…

Nevertheless, enjoy the read!

Angels are magical spirits in our mind

who enrich us with delight and happiness.

They have an ability to fly with harmony,

cast spells,

and foresee our future.

The images of these angels circle in our minds

as beautiful girl with crystal clear wings.

They are enchanted humans casting illusions

to control our emotions.

We think of them as

little peaceful earthlings

floating around

with their bright golden ring above them.

They can be anywhere

in the garden,

in our minds,

beside us,

or deep in our heart.

We can feel

the softness of their wings,

the smoothness of their golden hair,

and the loveliness of their dress

as they surround us like gorgeous flowers.

They are often called

“the holy ones.”

In the cemetery

where we rest our souls

they come to join us

in Heaven.


By Maya 🙂

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