A magical autumn evening, the cool air rushes in as someone enters the coffee shop. I sit curled up on my favourite couch by the window, with my coffee and an unopened book in hand.  As I sip from my cup, I smile, taking in the warm and friendly ambience of the cafe. I observe a group of friends lost in what seems like a humorous conversation; a man in a perfectly fitted navy blue suit, busy at work on his laptop; and finally children running around as their parents spend a relaxing evening together.  I watch the little boys chasing each other around the small Christmas tree, when my eyes wander to a familiar figure walking towards me.  I notice his brown trench coat is unbuttoned to reveal a tight black shirt neatly sitting over his black jeans; a fashion sense befitting his confident personality.  He sits beside me, giving me his addicting mischievous smile. I roll my eyes trying to show my nonexistent annoyance, as he was late for our meeting, but I fail in containing my foolish grin.  It feels like just yesterday, I rushed from the airport to confess my feelings for him; here we are, four years later,  preparing for our wedding.  Sometimes, it feels like a dream how my life has changed since I’ve met him, but as he wraps my hands in his, I know that this beautiful moment is real and its mine.

Four Years Earlier…

It all started, when I had an existential crisis, the summer before my second year of university.

To be continued (Diana♥ )

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