“Come Back”

No matter who I talk to, I get reminded of you. I think about your warm smile that would simply melt my heart at sight. Your adorable pranks. Your hundred kisses a day. Not leaving without a hug. Commenting on every one of my dresses and telling me which looks good and which ones I should ‘never wear again.’ I waited just for dinnertime to see your reactions to my creative dishes.  You were my human diary. A million photos could never capture your beautiful soul. Every day was special with you. You gave me a whole new perspective on life. I had no choice but to pretend that every moment was wonderful even when we were struggling with nothing on us. In the beginning, it was for you. But it became a beautiful habit for which I will be forever grateful for. Being so full of life, you taught me so many lessons. God sent you as angel to take me out of the clouds. But you took me to the moon.

“I hope you have come back,” I whisper, as I rub my tummy.


By Maya 🙂

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