She started by comparing my height to hers; it went on to skin colour, the fact that I wear glasses and it has not stopped since.

One must learn to let go of ego. While you may be beautiful, tall, and intelligent, I, too, have my own superior qualities. Just because my appearance does not portray it does not mean they do not exist. When you compare every inch of my ‘below average’ body, it hurts. There is pain behind my “Ya, your hands are definitely much longer than mine.”

Compare yourself with others based on what you are on the inside. Can you do it? Can you determine who has a bigger heart or who is more selfish? No, measuring physical aspects and being greater has no meaning when you cannot even give up something small of yours to help others. Do you know the meaning of sacrifice or hard work? Have you ever experienced that feeling when you are appreciated for what you have done?

Yes, I agree that being attractive will get you places, but I still would not prefer to be you: someone without values.

“Yo bro, when are you ever going to find someone?”

Maybe I would have by now, if you had not thrown away my self confidence.


By Maya 🙂

Anyone ever felt like this before?