‘Complete’, the perfect store to buy what I need. It has almost everything and anything for everyone and anyone! The man behind the creation of the store is a genius.

As I walked in, a customer service representative greeted me while motioning something.  She was probably talking to someone behind me. I just smiled and moved passed her.

Now, where should I look for them?

“Attention please. Aisle 7 has been temporarily closed due to a massive spill. It will be open within 10 minutes. Customers, please be cautious”

As it was Christmas time, every aisle was packed crazy, but oddly enough, aisle 7 seemed to be fairly empty except for some uniformed men cleaning something. I shall look here then to save time.

“Excuse me, Sir, you cannot go there right now. Please come back in 10 minutes.” A lady was shaking her head at me.

As I backed out of the aisle, I was about to crash into a forklift that was headed right towards me. Did I look invisible to the man? He gave me an odd look and pointed at his ears.  Young men have a lot of arrogance these days.

Finally, I saw a nice-looking worker and decided to approach her, “Excuse me, can you please help me find the ‘Power One P312 Hearing Aid Battery’? Mine ran out this morning and I have been struggling ever since!”


By Maya 🙂