“The last stage is one I have not reached yet. This stage requires me to come fully out of my kingdom. This is the hardest stage to reach, as I cannot phase into a life where there are many uncomfortable situations to overcome; a phase where idealistic dreams do not exist. Only the cold harsh truth is present. Life is unpredictable, so I realize I must use the knowledge and experience gained from stage two to better myself, and the world. My value of living only for today will follow in this phase. I would still like to believe in miracles that only occurred in my cave, and structure the serenity I had in my kingdom to reality. I recognize that success is not guaranteed as I move to the next chapter of in my life, university. Working hard is my only option, yet hardly working seems to describe me better. The transition from the last phase, where I was just climbing out of the cave to this phase will be hard. I will want to quickly hide in my dream kingdom, but fighting through this urge will at last bring me here, where I am not living in ignorance.

            I was content in the cave, but knowing that there is a reality outside, it is urging me to leave the cave to seek out the truth. I think what really dragged me from my kingdom was my own curiosity, and the need to always learn. At this moment, I am only a few steps out of the cave; therefore, all I see is faint light. This light blinds me, thus making the world of forms blurry and incomprehensible. I am trying to adjust to the light so I may see reality with accuracy. The stages of following a mentor, breaking away from the mentor to find my own truth, and finally understanding the truth will lead me to wisdom. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” (Aristotle). “

This is from an essay I wrote for my high school philosophy class. I came across it about a month ago, and I was quite surprised by how much I can relate to the philosophical concept of the “Allegory of the Cave” by Plato. I am still blinded by the light; I am more ignorant than I care to admit. There is no one to blame, but myself. I have not pushed myself to learn, to understand and to fight for the truth. I am too comfortable being a follower, invisible among the masses.

These past few days, following the news of the U.S. presidential election has fueled something in me. I am actually having thoughts that are not the same mundane thinking I take with me every day. I actually felt and still feel so enraged that the most powerful person in the world right now is a racist, sexist, ignorant being. The reason this person is standing in this influential role is due to the citizens of a great country and a democratic system, that seems less democratic today. I went on Instagram and followed the hash tag “I’m with him”, and found women who idolize him and voted for him. I could not believe it. I understand many people see him as a business leader and thus,  voted for him as they see potential for better economic conditions. However, many also voted for him, because  they do not want a president that is a woman. This fact should not surprise me as we are still greatly behind in gender equality, but a developed nation like the U.S. should be leader and set an example to the rest of the world, not encourage sexist even further. I am not someone who followed this election closely, or has great political knowledge. These thoughts are from reading the few but informative articles on the internet and from the opinions given by social media.

Anyways, the whole point of this rant is to declare to the world and to myself, that I want to stop being ignorant of important issues like the one above. I should question everything and starve for more knowledge. I am tired of closing my eyes from the blinding light. The rage I felt Wednesday morning, it was so unexpected and a completely new feeling to me. I never thought that I would ever care about something like this. I mean there are so many social injustices happening around the world, and when I hear about them I sympathize, then just move on ( I am a horrible individual I know, I will better myself); however, I think the fact that this happened in a country that stood for justice and freedom, is what has me so concerned.

I hope I can continue to fuel this fire within me (not to sound too poetic :)) in order to become a socially aware, and caring individual. Please keep following my elephantic journey, along with my co-traveller!


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