On a grand scale, entering the field of show business itself has always been looked down upon by the society. Some believe that there are better things to do in life or that one could have pursued a more “meaningful” field that has “guaranteed” success. Some disapprove since an actor/actress must occasionally allow others to enter their personal space especially the other gender. He/she should be willing to dress and act as dictated by their respective directors. Earning an abundance of money at once will give them an inferiority complex to the extent that they will look down on their own family members or friends, thereby ruining relationships. Furthermore, it is also perceived as leaving one’s culture and beliefs. Therefore, due to the many aforementioned beliefs, entering show business has a negative perception on it.

Yes, some may enter the field for glamour, fame, money and various other personal reasons. However, there are many who are there for their passion for acting and to provide entertainment to a mass. They are the ones who truly enjoy the art and are talented enough to contribute substantially to the growth of the field. Some wish to enhance social development by creating meaningful media content that will reach a wide audience.

Furthermore, have you ever thought about what would happen if all those men, women and children chose to abide by societal rules and norms? I would assume there would create a significant deficit in the society. From a holistic point of view, a form of entertainment would be lost. However, for many, it has a deeper meaning. For example, for me, watching television dramas, sitcoms, reality shows, and movies, has always been my savior during tough times. In any form of visual entertainment there are many excellent elements that can be extracted. For instance, the coverage of second marriage, divorce, widows, etc. instill some small hope in those facing these issues in reality. Patients watch TV to enter a new world that is magical and beautiful, as a means of forgetting their own issues. It also allows people to understand human characteristics and reactions to various situations. Empathizing with characters requires a lot of the right level of involvement.

All in all, I would like to briefly conclude by saying that before judging others’ choices, one must consider all the possible reasons a person might take a certain action.


-By Maya 🙂

Note: This is truly a personal opinion. It is based on my observations of the society and the environment that I was raised in. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and any anecdotes! Thank you 🙂

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