The girl is running, vanishing into the woods. It’s a dense forest. Creatures are waiting for flesh. She can’t get away. She can’t get away from me. Not after what Chris did. Lisa was beautiful. She loved our girls. She loved me. In those 12 years, there was not a moment when she wasn’t beautiful. Even in the mornings. I can still smell her lavender flavoured shampoo on our towels. Her tender hands used to wipe my worries away.

Chris took away everything. The girl is escaping. It is a cold, dark night. Where will she go? Look at her desperate situation. The tiny body cannot get anywhere in this jungle. But why her? She didn’t do anything. But she has his blood. His filthy blood. She cannot remain here longer. Another life will be ruined.

That wretched day, Lisa lay there. Such a serene face she had. This was not how it was supposed to end. He took away everything.

I can’t see the damned girl. She can’t get away. He is dead. She should join him. But why her? The innocence in her face when she said, “Hello Mr. Cornell!” She doesn’t deserve this. Does she? What if she kills my kids? But she is only 17. Kellie murdered the boy when she was 17. She should not live. She cannot face the world carrying his blood.I should end her misery. Yes, I see her, bolting away. I have lost everything. He should lose everything.

No, but… The force of the branch brushing against my hand pushed my index finger.

“Get up, there is someone here to see you.” The correctional officer said.


By Maya 🙂

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