The Coconut Seller

     As I waited under the scorching sun for customers, I could not get my mind off of her beautiful smile. She would come with her mother twice a week to buy vegetables from the corner street. She would often look towards me but I don’t think we ever made eye contact. She giggles as she looks towards me. Perhaps, she was laughing at my coconut selling business or she really wanted to drink tender coconut water.  I wonder if I will ever get the chance to meet her. Just for a soft touch of her rosy cheeks. That is the day I will be in heaven. I want to be able hold those hands and show her the world. I am growing sick of anticipating our meeting. I just want to say hello. Girls are so very beautiful. They are so full of life. They represent life. People are always so cynical about women. Men just need to be more emotionally intelligent to understand women. Being raised in a family full of successful ladies, I have learned the hard way.

     Today, she is coming with a lady who looks like she could be her grandmother. Should I wave? Just a tiny one! Maybe she will notice and ask to come over to have refreshing coconut water. I have just increased the prices, hopefully her grandmother will agree. No, it will look bad. Wait, I think she is heading over here. Today is the day!

The grandmother says to me, “Give us two sweet ones with lots of water.” No ‘hello’ or anything. It’s okay. I cut open the coconuts and hand them over. As I go to pass a straw to the beautiful one, I say, “Hi baby, do you want a pink one?” She smiles and nods yes. I simply melt. What the sun could not do, she did.

     Why won’t my wife agree to have one just like her? How can one more beautiful little being be so troublesome for us? She says Vivek is enough for us.


By Maya 🙂

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