Working as a customer service representative (csr) has made me a better person. It has taught me many things, which include patience (lots of it) and to listen before acting. I have become more social, and independent; I can start a conversation with people who are not my family or friends. Although, I am still shy, I am at a much better place than I was at last year. Every customer is different and everyday working is unlike the one before.  There is a little bit of pressure, and at times, it is stressful, but I do miss the rush of the job when I am at home.  Whether the world of retail is for me or not I do not know; it is a completely new me, one that I have not finished exploring yet. This post was supposed  to give advice to customers on what we as csr are limited to and why customers make it harder for us to serve them efficiently, but I realized that as a csr it my duty to change myself to better serve customers. That one out ten difficult customers are the ones who are going to challenge me to grow, and the rest are those that make my job gratifying. I have co-workers who come from all types of backgrounds, not just ethnically but academically, in terms of their careers, and their goals in life. I feel as if I am not alone in this fight to be happy and successful; everyone who I work with is also walking the same path; heck, everyone living is fighting the same fight! I am so thankful for this job, because it has forced me out of my room and into the real world. I know that it will keep pushing me, until I am comfortable being out of my comfort zone. I will write another post, which will give tips on how to make retail and customer service a smoother experience. Until then, I hope you continue to follow us for more elephanatic content!


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